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Talent Management & Hiring

2 Talent Management


“Using the TopGrading approach to hiring and onboarding, has had a significant impact on our business and the quality of our new hires. We now have a robust and predictable screening and interview process, clear accountabilities and key performance indicators for each position, and new people know from the get go what’s expected of them. As a result, our leadership is more engaged, and we’re bringing the right people into the organization.”
- Judy McGruther, CEO, the Hill at Whitemarsh


Talent Management & Hiring

  • Are you struggling to find and attract “A” Players?
  • Are you batting less than 500 when it comes to hiring the right people?
  • Do you consistently find yourself making excuses for long-time employees?
  • Are you frustrated because you don’t know how to motivate and get the most out of your people?
  • Do you question your management decisions or even your ability as a leader?


What if you could increase the productivity of your current talent, while attracting A players, hire the right people for critical positions, and keep them engaged and focused?


Our customized, strategic tools and processes will give you an understanding of who an A player is for your business and how to hire them. We’ll help you to increase your leadership team’s performance and your employees’ productivity, through the following advisory services:

  • Talent Screening, Selection and Management
  • Strategy Mapping for Optimal Performance
  • Scorecard Design and Implementation

We’ll help you figure out the right seats to achieve results. And find and select the right people for your business. All with an efficient and streamlined approach. Don’t hire anyone without our tools – and support. With our help, you’ll run a more sustainable and more profitable business.




Success Stories


This is the best program my management team has ever experienced.  [Initially] when I became President I was carrying this company on my back.  Now, I’ve got a team behind me.  You’ve literally saved my life. Thank you!
- Tony Jost, Superior Tube


You’ve kept me focused and on target.  You’ve increased my understanding of myself as a leader and as a human being. I can step up to the plate in a more committed and demonstrative leadership role in my company, my family and my community.
- Maureen O’Connor, President, LEM Products


“Using your program helps to hold everyone accountable – even the CEO!”
-Heather Chandler, Sealstrip

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