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Executive Education & Team Building

3 Executive Education


What an excellent team building session! [We] left the meeting excited by what we had accomplished. It will definitely help us to move forward in our plans for next year.
- Albert Busch, President, DataColor


Executive Education & Team Building

  • Are you frustrated because you have good people but don’t know how to grow them into great managers?
  • Has your company outgrown your abilities as a leader?
  • Are you struggling with in-fighting and finger pointing?
  • Have you lost good people because they’ve found “better opportunities”?
  • Do you really know how to create a culture of engaged and committed employees?


Wouldn’t it be excellent if you could get the guidance and mentorship you need to grow as a leader and a CEO? What if you had access to the best executive education methodologies to grow others in your organization into more effective leaders and managers, creating a more engaged and committed workforce in the process?

Our customized, strategic programs, tools and assessments will give you an understanding of who you have on your leadership team and assess current levels of performance.We’ll help you increase your team’s effectiveness as a team, as well as employee’s level of engagement and productivity through the following services:

  • Leadership Team Assessment and Team Building
  • Executive Team Education and Development
  • Employee Engagement and Performance


We’ll help you grow yourself and your staff! And get your team on the same page and pulling in the same direction. With our assistance and support, we’ll help you create great leaders, an engaged workforce and a profitable company!

Success Stories:

 “I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the leadership program. I’ve learned SO much, but even more than that, I feel empowered! Since the initial Mission to Mars email- I’ve left work every night feeling focused, balanced, and motivated. Even when projects get “hairy” I’m still not feeling stressed bc there’s a sense of a solid foundation in the works. I feel you have given us each a voice, as a group and as individuals- and we are being heard.
It feels awesome!!!”

-Sara Higgins, Berry Jewelry 


Want to know how our program can help you? Contact us today!

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