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Business Planning & Strategy Execution

1 Business Planning

“… My team tells me this is the best program they have ever participated in and they want to be involved. That’s powerful!”

-Perry Walraven, Performance Controls, Inc.



Business Planning & Strategy Execution

  • Do you struggle with too many priorities and not enough time?
  • Do you question your strategy?
  • Do you have a management team that isn’t on the same page and often pulling in opposite directions?
  • Do you have a written plan – but never seem to get things done anyway because the ‘work gets in the way’?
  • Do you wonder if your company will ever be worth something someday or if all of your efforts are for nothing?​


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a business excellence program that taught you and your team how to plan strategically, helped you to execute your plan and kept you on track, increased accountability throughout your company, and grew your company – profitably?


Our Business Planning & Strategy Execution Programs cover the following aspects:

  • Business Excellence Workshops and Programs
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and the Four Decisions

Our proven methods are designed to give you and your management team focus, accountability and alignment. Our unique team-based approach to business learning and leadership development will help you get control, while accelerating your growth – and your profitability! You’ll be more focused and have a clear growth strategy! You’ll have an accountability partner who will help you develop the right “implementation management” process so that you actually get the important things done – not just the urgent. Your leadership team will be aligned and communicate more effectively, resulting in better and faster decision-making. Your company will be more valuable and you may even have your life back!


Success Stories:

You’ve significantly improved our focus and discipline.We have a written plan that’s driving growth and accountability, I have the time to look for other opportunities for growth AND we’re on track to have our best year ever!
-Ed Remster, SJ Transportation


We’ve been in business for 20 years; we developed our own processes that were not keeping up with the growth of the company.  [Now we have] a structured methodology…[and] practical methods to run the business.  I highly recommend the Rockefeller Habits!
-Michael Andre, Gateway Ticketing Systems


 “Our management team is now strategically focused and accountable for results, we’ve established annual and quarterly targets and goals and are tracking them from upper management down to all employees throughout the company.  Year to year revenue is up…gross margin is up…and profit is up!”
-Ken Kratz, Bracalente Manufacturing Company


 “Transformational – that’s how I describe Ballantree’s work with VSA. When we began our engagement with Ballantree Consulting a year ago, my B2B prospecting firm was facing a broad spectrum of issues (HR, Financial, Process, Business Development, Technology) with no process for prioritizing which to fix or how to measure our progress. We simply addressed the loudest problem – even if it was not the most critical. Now, we rely on our one-page business plan to prioritize, our accountability plans to know what actions to take, and metrics to measure results. Our improved financial reporting provides a far better picture of our financial health. Certainly there continue to be issues, but our management approach is far more systematic and measured. It doesn’t hurt that we had our biggest profit ever.”
-Valerie Schlitt, VSA Prospecting


Cheryl Beth Kuchler (center) with Gateway Ticketing Systems & Bracalente Manufacturing Company Management Team


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