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Rockefeller Habits and Gazelles International


Using Growth Guru Verne Harnish’s concepts of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and the Four Decisions, Ballantree Consulting is certified to help smart companies develop and implement strategic plans to maximize growth opportunities and create a sustainable business.  

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With over four decades of experience, and having assessed the potential of over three million employees and applicants, Caliper has the background, expertise and personal approach needed to help you achieve your goals and solve your people challenges.

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Ballantree Consulting has developed processes to help you implement the TopGrading philosophy into your company. TopGrading’s methodology can increase your hiring success to 90% or better. You can increase the performance of your team by hiring the right people, without the need to dramatically increase salaries, or possibly lower them.

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SEA and Core Value™ Instrument

As a business owner, the most valuable questions are often not easy to answer. Have you ever wondered:

  • How much is my business worth?
  • Does it make sense to turn the business over to my children?
  • When I leave, will my key employees remain to help run it?
  • Is there a third-party who might want to buy the business?
  • What are the legal and tax implications of a sale?

As veteran transaction advisors and liquidity planning professionals, we work with SEA to create plans for business owners like you to help preserve and protect the value of your company for yourself and your family.

Click here to learn more about SEA and the M&A market.

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Kevin Daum

Although Kevin Daum concedes that he has a face better suited for radio than television, his new book, Video Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) and Amazon best-seller, ROAR! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle (Wiley) mean that if you haven’t already seen him addressing a conference, you’ll likely catch him on the web or TV. Humor, he says, is the key ingredient for great video. An Inc. 500 entrepreneur with a more than $1 billion sales and marketing track record, his firm, ROARing Video, develops must-see video messaging for organizations.

Whether you choose to read Kevin’s provocative column or visit Kevin at, you will surely be entertained! We partner up with Kevin Daum to bring you the expert in video marketing and help you communicate your message in an entertaining and powerful video!


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Mike Carroll (Intelligent Conversations)

As President and Founder of Intelligent Conversations, Mike Carroll brings over 22 years of sales and marketing experience to Intelligent Conversations to deliver sales systems that drive remarkable revenue growth for our clients.  Mike works hands-on with senior executives, sales leaders, and salespeople to change behaviors, grow new skills, and increase value by implementing methodologies proven to create results.  With a wide range of business-to-business sales and marketing experience, Mike has particular expertise in manufacturing, telecommunications, software, and financial services, including commercial and small business banking.

Prior to founding Intelligent Conversations, a sales force development consultancy based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mike held senior positions in sales, sales management, and product management at Wachovia Bank, M&I Bank, Mindlever, Inc., and Fiserv, Inc. He holds a BA in English from the University of Wisconsin.

Mike is an active volunteer on many committees at both his church and at his kids’ schools, and he sings bass in his church choir. Mike and his wife, Pam, live in Milwaukee with their four children.

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