Business Planning & Strategy Execution

You’ve been successful according to your colleagues, but you’re beginning to think you’ve reached your limit. Competition is getting fiercer, the market is changing and you’re not sure what direction you need to go with your company. You’re scrambling for “think” time, working 60 to 80 hours in a week and yet you never seem to get ahead. There’s always another crisis. And the plan that you created at the end of last year? It’s sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a business excellence program that taught you how to: plan strategically; align your team and got the entire team to execute on the plan; increase accountability throughout your company; and got your company on track and profitable?

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Talent Management & Hiring


You’re just not satisfied with the talent that you have. You feel that your employees are underperforming and taking the path of least-resistance when communicating with you. Sometimes you feel like there’s no accountability in your company for results. You’d love to find more A players but how?

You dread the hiring process. Resumes pour in every time you post a job and screening them is incredibly time-consuming.  Interviewing is tough too. Candidates do well in the interview but after 30 days you think you’re babysitting. They just don’t perform. How do you meet the “right” people?

What if you could increase the productivity of your current talent, while attracting A players using a time efficient process, hire the right people for the right jobs who fit your culture, and keeping everyone on your team engaged and performing?  

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Executive Education & Team Building



Sometimes your business feels like a one person show and you’re running it. No one takes charge and it’s left to you to play the bad guy and make the tough decisions.  Your management team is rarely on the same page and sales and operations are at each others’ throats – constantly. People don’t seem to trust each other and they certainly aren’t working as a team to get things done. You want to be the visionary and be out building the business but you don’t have the time.  And you know that you need to continue to grow as a leader or you’ll be left behind – and your team will too.  

What if there were a way for you to build a more cohesive and well-running team, grow your current talent and increase the productivity of your people, while creating a culture of engaged and high performing players?

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Top Line Growth & Innovation


You know that you need to innovate to stay ahead but you’re not sure where the next great idea is coming from. And, the competition is getting fierce. It’s tougher than ever to stay ahead. Your customers are asking for new and improved offerings but you’re behind the eight ball on getting things out of your R&D pipeline. You’re not even sure if you have the right R&D process to get new services to the market.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an innovation process that helped you create a strong, competitive pipeline of new products and services that would grow your topline, get you in front of a bigger market and provide a source of recurring revenue that adds cash to your balance sheet?

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Driving home from work – late again – you re-play the day’s events.  You just don’t get why running a business is so exhausting. You love the work. In fact, the thrill of closing a deal or finding out about a great opportunity to open up a new market gets your juices going.  But sometimes the people? Ugh!

“I set expectations about performance with my management team.  Constantly.  We review our sales and financial goals monthly. How many times do I have to say something before they hear it? And they have no sense of urgency to get things done!”

You thought you hired the best people, but somehow they have yet to show you their talent.  Missing deadlines for projects and fumbling critical deliveries. And the guy who was supposed to be your shining star?  He’s B- at best. And you still can’t figure out where the cash goes. You’re 20% above last year on your topline but there’s no money in the bank.

You wonder if you have reached your limit as the leader of the company. And you think that your team might have reached theirs too.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the right tools and solutions to create your strategy and communicate your vision, and use that vision to align and empower your team?  Wouldn’t it been even better if you could hire and develop the right people to grow your business – and do it all profitably? 

Ballantree Consulting’s business excellence programs and execution management services help you improve your business performance and profitability, develop your leadership team, manage and grow your talent, and innovate for top-line growth.

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Ron Bracalente, CEO of

Ron Bracalente, CEO of Bracalente Manufacturing Group


Ballantree Consulting…helping businesses grow! 

I have enjoyed working with you very much and I am grateful for the various ways that you have helped me and my business over the past several years. I know it isn’t easy to come into a strange environment and gain enough respect to have an impact, however, you did. Our business is stronger, more organized and effective as a result of the tools and skills that you have shared with us as well as your guidance along the way. Thank you for helping us to put the right team and plan in place to help us be successful going forward.

- Ron Bracalente, CEO of Bracalente Manufacturing Group

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